Kanlayaporn Chantree

อาจารย์กัลยาภรณ์ จันตรี

Email: kung9161@hotmail.com

Tel: 02-423-9420-21

Education and Training

  • M.Sc. (Cosmetic Science), Mae Fah Luang University , 2010
  • M.Sc. (Chemical Studies), Silpakorn University,  2001
  • B.S. (Agricultural Chemistry), Kasetsart University, 1995

Research Area

  • เคมีวิเคราะห์
  • เคมีผลิตภัณฑ์ทางธรรมชาติ
  • วิทยาศาสตร์เครื่องสำอาง


Selected Publications

  • Chantree, K. (2015). Formulation of Whitening Cosmetics from lakoocha  extract. SDU Res J, 8(1): 1-24.

  • Parkpoom, T., Chantree, K. (2014). Detection of cross-contamination of pathogens in cosmetic products containing Artocarpus lakoocha extract. SDU Res J, 7(3): 75-92.

  • Parkpoom, T., Chantree, K. (2012). A Study of Efficiency the Mixed Extract of Pistia Stratics Helianthus embolic Linn. In inhibit the Microorganisms Causing Dermatitis. SDU Res J, 5(1): 47-60.

  • Chantree, K and Parkpoom, T. (2008). A study on the efficiency of thermal induced graft polymerization using bisaminoproxy on the surface of polyethylene and polypropylene films and their antibacterial properties. SDU Res J, 1(1): 12-30.

  • Chantree, K. (2007). Analysis of Quality Change and Quantity Total Polar Compounds in Repeatedly Used Frying Oils. SDU Res J, 3(2): 54-67.

Presentation and Proceedings

Awards and Honors